This isn't a game.

People's livelihoods depend on the success of our clients' businesses. We love working with manufacturers because they share our passion for practical solutions, cost-efficiency, and data-driven results.

Helping manufacturers
find their voice.

These days, industrial customers research manufacturers online before making purchasing decisions. Many use digital manufacturing marketing opposed to trade shows. We know how to find out where your customers are and engage them.

Industry Trends
  • Manufacturers are adopting E-Commerce solutions.
  • The image of manufacturing is changing as jobs shift toward STEM fields.
  • Data is being leveraged for process optimization.
  • Consumer engagement affects purchasing behaviors more than ever.

"Recommend everyone to get on aboard the blu20 ship and sail with the blu20 crew for the very best voyage."

- Andy Tidwell, BJ Tidwell Cabinetry

Featured Guide

Inbound Marketing for Manufacturers

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  • Generate leads and capture metrics with Landing Pages.
  • Convert more leads and increase sales.