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Does Your Business Have Social Skills? - pt 1

3.1.2016 Josh Schwartz
We’re not talking about your sparkling personality. It’s time to look at your social media involvement.

Social media platforms can be incredibly valuable, and useful, for business. We usually think only in terms of ads and marketing, but social involvement offers a wide range of advantages to the company that puts some thought into it.

Rajeev Singh, President & CEO of Concur, writes in Forbes:

"From client support to marketing to R&D and even keeping tabs on the competition, it’s hard not to be daunted by the implications of what this new era of social business means for the enterprise as a whole…Simply put, social media is integrated into the way we do business, how we connect with our customers and ultimately how companies track engagements and sell products."

He goes on to give some examples of how Concur leverages their social presence.

"From being active on Twitter (with several handles that target distinct audiences), to posting fresh content several times a week on our corporate blog, to sharing videos on our YouTube channel, to hosting forums where clients can interact with each other and share knowledge, to setting up LinkedIn groups that bring people with similar interests together, to keeping everyone updated via Facebook, we truly believe in the incorporation of social networking technologies."

Take a moment to think about your brand or business. Are you using social tools to create a public presence that will contribute to your success? How about using social media to engage your own employees, boosting buy-in and productivity? Which social platforms fit your industry and target demographics? What does a robust, integrated social strategy even look like? It can be difficult to answer these questions without having some data for context. That’s why we’re here: to answer your questions, and sift through the numbers that stand between you and social mastery. Sometimes all you need to become popular is a little help from some nerds.

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