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Content with Porpoise

4.2.2016 Josh Schwartz
Is your content shaped by an overarching purpose?

Ah, content. Such a bland word for such a slippery topic. Content isn’t as glamorous as multimedia work or graphic design, but it is the lifeblood of every brand. Without clear and compelling content, the best Creative Director in the world would struggle to connect with their audience. Even silent movies had written signs for crying out loud!

Content is king, but producing good content can be tricky. It has to be specific enough to connect with your intended audience on multiple levels, but also inclusive enough not to alienate the people you weren’t targeting. There are countless guidelines out there on how to write "optimal" content, but most of them miss the thing that lays the foundation for the rest. Purpose.

Purpose has many faces but for now think of it like a mission statement. The mission statement of Walmart is to be a one-stop solution for shoppers with unbeatable prices. Everything they do is shaped by that directive. The local farmer’s market has a different mission statement; they want to provide fresh, local produce. Walmart doesn’t look like a farmer’s market because they have different purposes.

Content is the same way; it needs purpose to give it context. If your brand has a clear purpose, it becomes much simpler to create strong content because you can judge whether or not it’s in line with the overall goal of your business. Does your brand or business have a clearly stated purpose? If not, you are almost certainly wasting resources and missing opportunities.

Once you have a focused vision in place to guide your creative strategy, your brand will become more engaging to your audience. Then you can use word counts and demographic data to polish your content and maximize performance.

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